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3D Portrait Statue 數碼人像雕塑

Custom-made 3D Portrait Statues to capture the precious moments.

5 simple steps:

1) Book your session
2) Come in for a photoshoot
3) Select the best shots
4) Digital 3D sculpting and posing
5) 3D print production

Price List (excluding 3D print)

One person $9800
Couple $18000 (save $1600)


Additional person with a couple for $7000 per head (save $2800)

3D Print Production cost

Starting price at $2000-$2500 for a couple (H19cm X W20cm) and additional costs for the bigger sizes.

Remark: It will cost less if you order more copies. For example, if you order 3-4 more copies from the same original 3D print, it will cost only $1000-$1200 each.

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