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Chill and shivering_2015

Chill and Shivering 《沾寒沾凍》by Philip Kwok and Vincent Yip


Labour Department YES 勞工處青年就業起點(Animation Workshop) 2010

Neuron Creation Ltd

Material 物樂團 (Animation MV) 2008

Neuron Creation Ltd

Premium Reincarnation Program (Shot Film) 2006

Book Illustration

Illustrated Book 《垃圾人》Rubbish Race 2015

Dino Book Cover 2-02-2

Dinosaur from China 《漫遊中國恐龍》2014


Concept Illustration & Storyboard

cover photo_01

3D Portrait Statue 紀念雕像


HK Science Museum Legends of the Giant Dinosaurs 2012 香港科學館巨龍傳奇

3D print

3D modelling and printing services


Figure and Product Design


Character Design

chirden book_easter_2013_2

The meaning of Easter (Children Book) 2013

Painting & Drawing

Painting & Drawing 1997 to 2000

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